Power Supply Paleo Meals Delivery Ratings and Review

Yep, that number’s right.  You’ve sent in over 1100 meal reviews.  Awesome. Even as we approach our two hundred thousandth meal, we’re learning more than ever.

Here are the top 3 requests we’ve heard and are acting on across the board.  We’re also working the meal-specific suggestions you give us too.

1. Better hot–cold combinations – some serve-chilled meals are great for variety and super easy eating.  And heat-everything meals are yum/easy too.  But mixing hot and cold items in a single meal can make separating and heating a pain.  So separate better, or go all one or the other…hot or cold.

“I found it very difficult to pull out the protein and only warm that. I think it would be helpful when only part of the meal needs to be heated that the items are separated.”  [Southwest taco salad]

2. More (cooked) veggies – there’s nothing wrong about salad per se, but there’s more that’s right about a variety of cooked veggies (tasty, filling, nutrient dense, etc.).  So use them more – particularly in lunches – even the love/hate veggies.

“This is one of those that I looked at and went “boooorriiinnggg” ; however, can I say DAY-UM! Perhaps it is the simpler things that are the best, because for some reason I REALLY loved this one. And the brussel sprout stuff was delicious too!” [Brussels and chicken legs]

3. Repeat faves more often – Variety’s great for staying at it and not getting bored.  And it’s cool to be happily surprised by new things you wouldn’t likely try on your own.  But when you freaking love a meal, you want to see it more often, like weekly or monthly.

“Fantastic. Love the wraps. Would eat again tomorrow. Hell, would eat again for dinner.”  [Philly steak wrap]

So there you have it.  Some of the top improvements we’re now working into each new meal cycle. We’re also testing the resulting changes with regular group tastings before the updated meals hit the menu (raise your hand to become an ambassador if you’d like to participate, tasting help welcome).

One more thing before you go, what do you think of this idea for acting on the repeat faves request?

  • We designate a fave meal of the month (based on reviews), in addition to the weekly menu
  • The fave is available at every delivery
  • Using the Mod Your Menu tool (yes easy menu customization is now possible), you pull it in when you want, get multiple, get none, etc.

Thoughts, flames, high fives?  Shoot us an email.  And thanks again for all your input. Keep it coming. We’ll leave you with one of your funny feedback quotes that once again testifies to bacon’s strange power over all of us:

“One of my absolute faves… please add more bacon to all/any of the future meals.” [Bacon turkey burger]

P.S.  If you saw a meal above you had a wildly different take on, welcome to the food world.  Not unheard of for us to see 5’s and 1’s on the same meal.  Can anyone say Pork Charsui?