Power Supply Prepared Paleo Meals Delivered to CrossFit Gyms

Welcome to the healthier eating world (and congrats on jumping into a challenge if you’re going that route).  Many a change journey on the nutrition front (including some of ours) started where you are.  Challenge types, cleanses, etc. are evolving all the time and so will this section.  For now though, it’s focused on that standby core of many challenges, Paleo and its derivatives.  Here are some resources to help you come up the curve:

  • Go-to online resources - A list (and an infographic) of the most useful online Paleo info sites as voted by customers.
  • A challenge leader’s playlist – Local fitness/food connector and blogger Stephanie Hoaglund’s list of sites for getting going.
  • Breakfast ideas - 5 ideas for getting the day started sans gluten and dairy… often a tough spot when you’re starting out.
  • 5 easy-to-make power foods – Plenty of lists tell us what power foods to look for, but how about some easy/fast ideas for preparing them?  5 good ones here.
  • A sample day’s eats – As part of its Food Diaries series, Washingtonian recently published a glance at a day’s worth of real life Paleo eating, courtesy of our own Robert Morton.
  • Power profiles – Quick videos of members of the local fitness community sharing practical Paleo tips and encouragement.

And a few FAQ’s on Power Supply specifically for challenges:

Are Power Supply meals safe for the challenge I’m doing?

There are tons of rules variations out there but in the great majority of cases yes, safe.  We’ve seen plenty of rules guides for nutrition challenges and our approach (more in our FAQ) complies.  We sometimes cook with very small amounts of wine, and the fattiness of a cut of meat is a subjective thing indeed. So there’s always something left to interpretation.  But you’ll find ingredients on every meal and if you have a specific question, shoot us an email.

If my challenge excludes something you don’t, can you adjust?

Depends on the something.  But you can always customize your menu if there’s something you need to work around.

If I sign up for recurring meals to try Power Supply, am I locked in for the full length of my challenge?

Negative.  You can pause or cancel a recurring order anytime.  So while we encourage you to go the whole way (a challenge started one of us on the journey that’s now 2 years in the running with 40lbs left by the side of the road), you can of course turn off recurring orders if something comes up.

For more order information, see our full FAQ, check out meal sizes and pricing or place an order.