Our special sauce?  Creating the tastiest, most adventurous prepared meal experience…delivered through the simplest, easiest to sustain order experience.  All right here locally. Tons of recipes, big flavor variety, ambitious ingredients? Yep, all that with the lowest possible ordering effort…so you can fuel up, and focus on, all the other parts of your active life.  Here’s how we do it:Power Supply Paleo Meals Delivery Different

  • Greater menu diversity
  • Bigger portions
  • Better protein variety and quality
  • Locally crafted meals, local chefs, less miles traveled
  • Easier ordering

Greater menu diversity – We think our job is to help you make a change you can keep. So our menus have to be more creative and ambitious, introduce you to more recipes and feature better ingredients.

  • 3 meal line options from Paleo to Vegetarian – Maybe you’ve got multiple eaters with different approaches in  your house, or maybe you want to mix it up a bit.  Either way, our focus remains on helping you eat the outer ring of the grocery store where all the whole, natural and fresh ingredients are… whatever mix of animal proteins and veggies/fruits you choose.
  • 600+ recipes, 3x the norm – A huge and growing library of recipes, 3-4 times the recipes of other services.
  • Hot and cold items – Variety, variety.  Our menu lineup features a broad lineup of hot items (now including soups).  But where some leave out cold items, we’ve built a healthy selection of eat-cold meals for when a protein focused salad just hits the taste spot.  Or for those on the go moments (on the road, at an airport, etc.) when heating something up isn’t an option.  Either way, more options (bars too) means better success in staying with it.
  • More daring – Wraps? Tacos? Sandwich buns? Global flavors? Yep.  We include ambitious meal features so you get a greater variety of meal experiences, get more ideas for you own cooking, try new things and stick with eating change longer.

Bigger portions – Our protein/portion sizes tend big so our standard typically equals other larges, our Paleo line xl often has no peer and our smaller Boost size is often closest to other regulars out there.  We’re active folk.  We take a fuel up approach (versus the more common calorie restricting view).  Our meals, value and prices reflect that.

Better protein variety and quality – We go beyond the typical/cheapest.  That means using proteins others have traditionally left out like lamb, bison, shrimp, salmon and other seafood items.  And liberal use of cuts like chops, loins and steaks along with the more common braises, stews and ground meat preparations.  It also means speaking clearly and transparently about the specific responsible sources we use, trying to educate people about the real protein choices we all have to manage.

Locally prepared meals, less miles traveled – No trucking in meals manufactured hundreds of miles away twice a week.  All of our meals are crafted right here in the DMV (DC-MD-VA) within an hour’s drive of delivery locations. That means faster delivery related customer service.  It also means local people, making local food in a local kitchen where we do regular customer tastings to constantly improve and add to our menus.

Easier ordering – We’re all about the simple button and doing some of the food thinking for you.  Instead of requiring re-ordering and choice-making each and every week, we make it easy to access huge menu variety with fresh weekly menus you can purchase as designed or modify if the mood strikes.  All with easily managed recurring plans so you can set and forget, and multiple orders for different people under the same account.

Underneath all these is an unwavering commitment to transparency and giving back that runs through everything we do.  Here’s more on these ideas we live by.  Check them out or see the differences yourself and place an order now.