We experienced big gains from eating better and now spend our days trying to help others do the same with tasty food designed to lighten the heavy load of eating better for crazy-busy, active folks.  Along the way we try to live by these ideas that mean a bunch to us:

  • Power Supply Paleo Meals Protein SourcingServe community, locally
  • Say it straight
  • Give back
  • Follow a compass, not a rulebook
  • Yes to big ideas, no to convention
  • If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap (video incl.)

Serve community, locally  - We love strong communities for the support they give their members, the values they share and the good they do for others.  These are the folks we want to serve, so long as we can do so locally – whether individual gyms and studios or the broader DC, MD, VA community where we grew up and where all our deliveries are within an hour of where customer meals are made.

Say it straight – The world generally, and the food realm in particular, is full enough already of corporate-speak and bs.  Food quality, access, sustainability, health – these are serious issues that shouldn’t be glossed over with jargon and semi-truths.  We aim to speak plainly, aggressively seek out feedback, educate, tackle tough questions and be part of better solutions.  Check out our Real life sourcing approach.

Power Supply Paleo Meals PhilanthropyGive back  – Starting with our 1-1-1 giveback philosophy, we’re weaving a bright philanthropy thread into everything we do.  Super important to us personally, a core value of the communities we’re growing up in, and an inspiring characteristic of other companies we admire (like Salesforce.com, Google, Zappos).  Want to help? Become a PS Ambassador.

Follow a compass, not a rulebook – We’re inspired by lots of things but we’re not prone to orthodoxy.  We prefer following a clear direction and seeing where it takes us rather than any rigid prescription.  Take our food philosophy and nutritional approach – inspired by ancestral health ideas about proteins, fruits and vegetables, focused on fueling up active people but forward-looking and open to inevitable evolution in healthy eating and moving.

Yes to big ideas, no to convention – When you’re making a big change like eating better, consistently new experiences are critical to staying with it (and seeing the biggest gains).  So we focus on thinking differently, avoiding the tractor beam of convention and stalking new ideas.  Not always the easiest course in the near term, but required we think to keep things fresh and help you sustain change over time.

If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap – True we love Scotland and one of us does own (and occasionally wear) a kilt.  But really we just love Hartman, Carvey, Meyers era SNL.