The dialogue customers have with us is killer.  Yes, plenty of really encouraging feedback which we’ve shared some of below (and you can find on our facebook page) to give you a flavor.  But also super helpful constructive criticism that helps us improve our game (here’s a fun example).  For feedback geeks like us, nothing better.

“It’s awesome to be liberated from the crappy salad bar in our cafeteria.”

Power Supply Paleo Meals Delivered to CrossFit Gyms

“I am on my second week of meals there is not one that I did not like. So much better than the junk I was eating before. The reuben has been my favorite! Can’t wait until next week. Great job.”

“Thanks for creating meals that are full of flavor and don’t have the feeling of processed  food.  I really feel like I am getting something that I made at home without the struggle of going to the grocery store, finding the ingredients, prepping the food.  The last time that I did a zone diet, I spent anywhere from 30-45 minutes prepping my breakfast, lunch, and dinners each day.”

“I still have leftover meals from last week but I just have to say they are insanely amazing. Seriously, I LOVE your food and whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it. I am even able to eat it up to the night before a race and still feel amazing in my marathons and ultra-marathons because it’s not loaded with salt and sugar. Bravo.”

No sharing of customer reaction would be complete without this gem (a mix of praise and coaching all in one) on the infamous Scotch Eggs:

“Scottish eggs=f*!$%’in awesome. They looked like dinosaur turds but tasted like rainbows and unicorns covered in savory pork.”

Power Supply Prepared Paleo Meals Delivered to CrossFit Gyms