For simpler, stronger, tastier living

Locally made, responsibly sourced, super tasty, uber convenient and always changing meals – that’s what you can expect from us.

From Paleo, to Mixitarian (meat and veggie template, including gluten free grains and the like) and Vegetarian meals, and now with new soups and bars, we design our food to fuel active folks and the busy lifestyles they juggle.  We improve what we make through open customer feedback starting right on every label.  And every last one of our meals contributes to the local community we serve through the PS Giveback Program.

We downright heart these little freshly made bundles of natural ingredient joy and hope you will too.

Paleo to Vegetarian

Lots of tasty options for mixing it up and feeding other eaters in your life, no gluten or dairy in the bunchLearn more

Local Chef Crafted

Creative meals (and additional soup/bar goodies) made fresh by bright cuisine lights right here in our community Meet chefs

Fresh Weekly Menus

A new lineup each week for lots of choice with low effort, exposure to new things and inspiration for your kitchenView menus

Easily Customized

Set-and-forget is great but easy as pie to tailor your order when the choice muse is with you See how


Why Choose Us?

  • Locally prepared meals, less miles traveled, more support for this community
  • Greater menu diversity for tons of choice so your taste buds stay interested
  • Simple ordering of recurring plans and simple menu customization when you wish
  • Meal sizes and portions for every appetite from the grazer to the big eater
  • Wide protein variety from adventurous red meats to seafood and the vegetarian kind

What Customers Say

“I’m a newcomer to Power Supply, 2 days into my 2nd week, but it has already changed the equation on my health and wellness. …the bottom line is, your company is making my life easier and better.”
“My overall food costs have gone down dramatically, I’m eating better than ever, and my taste buds never get bored!”