Power Supply Prepared Paleo Meals for Busy Folks

Our true north is making super tasty food for active folks who want to achieve sustained change in their eating and health.  Because we know firsthand that the result when they do – more powerful living – can be incredible.

So how do we help folks get there?  5 things guide our hand:

  • Fuel-up, not calorie down
  • Real-life sourcing, locally made
  • Real food-inspired, looking forward
  • Simple variety
  • Reviews, reviews

Fuel up, not calorie down - Sure, looking different is a powerful motivator and losing weight is a common result of changing your eating habits this way (each of us lost 40 lbs).   It’s just not our first focus — fueling up to feel and live better is.  We think less on explicit calorie counting, reduction, etc., and more on what will power the active lifestyles we support – from CrossFit to Yoga to MovNat and lots of other ways of getting moving.  For us the weight loss or body change or performance bump isn’t the end of the line, it’s the jumping off point for all the powerful living that a healthier you makes possible.

Power Supply Paleo Meals Protein SourcingReal life sourcing, locally made - Expect plain speak on what we’re using and where we get it. High quality, humanely raised ingredients are critical. But this is a complex brew of factors (environmental, economic, animal welfare related, etc.) that’s too often wrapped in a fog of label BS.  Plus life is crazy busy.  So the best answer isn’t always the most realistic. We practice pragmatic idealism.  Follow your values, do the very best you can, and share what you learn to help others make better choices.  And wherever you find your ingredients, make your food where your customers consume it.

Real food-inspired, looking forward - We’re inspired by the core ideas of approaches like Paleo (high quality, real food, with an emphasis on the outer ring of the grocery story that powers us best and is seldom in a box), but we don’t want to be confined by them either. Paleo and notions of healthy eating (whether animal protein is part of your game or no) continue to evolve, so will we. Ours is a decidedly practical bent (orthodoxical… not so much), taking a set of principles that make sense, and making them your own without making yourself crazy.

Simple variety - So much of staying with any change is staying interested.  That’s why we place a big premium on variety.  Today that means a library of 600+ recipes (and growing) across our three meal lines, not to mention our new soups and bars.  But eating healthy can also be too hard, time consuming and complicated.  We want to make it crazy simple, quick and great by delivering huge variety in a simple way.  So like a workout at your gym or studio, you can show up expecting something fresh, but have the capability to easily modify whenever you want.

Reviews, reviews - In our view you value your customers as much as you actively seek out their feedback and act on it.  That’s why we’re hardwiring rating and reviews into every meal experience so customers know we’ll keep getting better, tastier, with more variety and choice.  The result?  Weekly feedback on all parts of the meal experience so we can make all those parts better.

And in everything we do, we’re big believers in saying it straight and transparency.  So if you’ve got any questions about any link in our chain, food or otherwise, email us and we’ll shoot you an answer.