We heart questions and comments.  Here are answers to some of the ones we’ve heard most often.

Where are your meals made?
Right here in the local DMV (DC, MD, VA) community.  Kitchens in Chantilly and DC to be precise, within about an hour of all our delivery locations.

What’s the deal with your new Mixatarian and Vegetarian meal lines and why are they on a separate site?
Back in June we joined forces with Mindful Chef and have since added their Paleo-inspired (now Mixatarian) and Vegetarian offerings to our classic Paleo line for a total of three options.  To get you these choices faster we’ve taken the approach of keeping two web sites (this one and the former Mindful Chef site, now Power Supply – Mindful Chef edition) but integrating ordering so that our ordering system will recognize you in either place and you can order and manage whatever plans strike your fancy all from one user account.  Down the road we’ll move everything together on one site, integrate pricing, etc.

Are the new lines available at my location?
It’s a big effort to fully bring everything together all at once.  So we’ve opted for a phased approach.  The new lines are available at a handful of delivery locations (here’s a list) to start.  We’ll steadily add locations as we get our feet under us.  Our classic Paleo line is available at all locations. If you’re interested in all three lines, vote here to make your location an early add to the list.

What sizes do the new lines come in?
For now one size, which is the same size and container as our Standard size meals.  Adding XL like we have with our classic Paleo line, and the small size we’ve been working on, are definitely high on the roadmap list

What does adding Paleo-inspired and vegetarian options mean for your food philosophy, has it changed?
Nope. For us it’s all about the idea that’s always inspired us most about approaches like Paleo – helping you eat more of the outer ring of the grocery store (animal and seafood proteins, fresh vegetables, fruit) and less of the stuff in boxes in the middle aisles.  Whether you spend all your time in the produce parts of that outer ring or mix it up more  – if we can help you find the approach that fuels you best, we think that’s a good thing. Read more on our philosophy here.

Is the delivery schedule the same for all the lines?
Yep, we’ve integrated delivery already so schedules are unchanged.  And if you order multiple plans, they’ll come together to whatever location you select provided it’s a location where we’ve started delivering the new lines.

How are you deciding which delivery locations get the new meal lines?
Ultimately all lines will be available in all locations.  But in the near term we’ve juggled a few factors (including delivery routes, previously expressed gym interest, etc.) to come up with a starting handful (here’s the list) to which we’ll steadily add.

I want access to the new lines at our place, how do I raise my hand?
Simple, click here, leave your info and we’ll add your voice to the factors we look at in adding locations.

What about customer service?  Do I have to go to different folks by line if I have questions?
Nein. Dawn, Richard and the rest of us chowhelpers remain answer central for all the meal lines.  Reach us at chowhelp@mypowersupply.com.

What’s your approach to sourcing ingredients for your meals?
Check out our Real Life Sourcing approach.  In short, we’re using high quality sources, with a commitment to be transparent about the choices we make and to help our customers sort through all the food label fog out there by sharing with them what we’ve learned about sourcing.  So far we’ve gone deepest on proteins and are actively working on further evolution of our standards across the board.  See our DIY Guide for Buying Proteins for an example of this commitment in practice.

Can I pick the meals I want each week?
Yes and no.  We’re big believers in variety and simplicity both.  So whether you’re on one of our simple recurring plans or making a one-time order, we get things started each week with a fresh new menu lineup that’ll come your way without you having to do a thing.  Then we give you the keys to modify your order – swap out meals you don’t want or load up on those you can’t get enough of – if the fancy strikes you.

What if I’m allergic to (or just hate) certain ingredients, can you keep them out of my meals?
In plenty of cases yes.  We call these standing substitutions which you can set when you place your order.  Choose from a list of commonly substituted ingredients (allergens, proteins, etc.) and we’ll swap out any meals featuring that item with another meal from the same delivery.  For finer grain ingredient screening on a week-to-week basis, use the Mod-Your-Menu tool on any placed order to dig out an ingredient you’re not crazy about.

What’s your order deadline each week? 
We ask that you place orders by midnight Thursday (used to be Wednesday) the week before you want to receive meals. So orders in by Thursday arrive the following Monday.  Orders placed after the Thursday deadline will be delivered the week after the following week. Say Thursday is the 1st of the month.  Orders placed before the normal deadline would arrive on the 5th.  Orders placed after the deadline, say Friday the 2nd, would arrive Monday the 13th.  Menu modification requests follow the same schedule.

How many people do your meals feed?
All of these are designed for one person (albeit perhaps a really big person or appetite in the case of our XL meals). If you want the same thing for more than one person, just change the quantity when you checkout.

Do the meals come fresh or frozen?
They come fresh. None of the ingredients have been frozen, and we deliver twice a week so that they never have to be. Just warm them up in the oven (our recommendation) or microwave and you’re good to go.

Are your meal containers recyclable?
Yes.  Our little meal haulers are #5 plastics and rated microwave safe.  Most municipalities take #5′s in their recycling programs, but the most direct route we’ve found (i.e. where you know for sure where the recycled material ends up) is the Gimme 5 program from Preserve Products.  Short story, drop off containers at Whole Foods collection points and they’re on their way to a second life as a toothbrush or a dinner plate.

How did you determine portion sizes?
Our Standard portions start with four Zone blocks of protein per meal and build the rest of the meal around that.  XL portions add 50% more protein.  Our protein/portion sizes tend to run bigger than prepared meal providers with more of a weight-loss background.  So our standard size often equals a large from other providers.

Can you include information on ingredients, calories and macro-nutrient content of each meal?
Ingredients, yes.  You can find them on meal labels and in our Mod-Your-Menu tool so you have more info to consider if you want to customize your menu.  Additional nutritional info is a high-priority item that we’ve been working and are close to completing.  Still doing some quality testing on the system we put in place but hope to have the kinks worked out soon.  A related part of the meal experience, easy rating and review for each meal, is live on every meal label so we can keep the feedback and improvement flow going strong.

How do you determine what ingredients qualify for your Paleo line?
Our Paleo line falls under the “stricter” end of the paleo range simply so that you have a clear starting point from these meals and can riff around them to your situation or take on What’s Paleo.

So meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts. No dairy, grains, legumes, sweeteners (including honey or agave), no preservatives. We’ve taken inspiration from lots of sources, including the writing and advice of folks like Chris KresserRobb Wolf, Kurt Harris, and Dallas and Melissa at Whole9.  Like many of these folks, we also believe in the constant evolution of healthy eating so are always looking at new ideas.  For more on how we think about food, check out our Food Philosophy.

Folks inspired by Paleo ideas but looking for a little more experimentation should try our Mixatarian line  [link] which adds in use of natural sweeteners, safe grains, some legumes, etc.

What are the hours for pickup at delivery locations?

  • Gym/studio locations – pickup hours are whenever the gym you’re picking up from (reminder, membership is not a requirement) is open for business, which is typically when classes are happening. So your best bet is to check the class schedule at your box and time your pick up then.  You can find links to class schedules on our locations page (for Mindful Chef Edition locations click here).
  • Office locations – only employees of that business can order and pickup food so pickup hours are whenever you have access to your office building as an employee.

How do I switch my pickup to a different gym location?
You can adjust pickup location for your recurring order anytime in the order system.  Or if you’re starting a new order, just set the location accordingly.  If you have a recurring order in our old Paypal system, changing pickup locations should be a trigger to make the move from Paypal and create an account in the new system so that you can control this and other order settings anytime online.  Pickup at office locations is for employees of that office only so orders can’t be switched to an office location unless you’re an employee of that business. And a reminder that you don’t have to be a member to pickup from locations we deliver to.  You do however have to get familiar with the business hours at a gym or studio (see our locations page for class schedules) as meals are only accessible only when the gym or studio is open and that can vary pretty substantially.

What happens to meals if I don’t pick them up the week they were delivered?
For food safety and fridge space reasons, it’s important for us to regularly clean out meals that haven’t been picked up. So FYI that we remove meals not picked up within a week of delivery.  So if you get a Monday delivery, we’ll mark those meals with a sticker at the Thursday delivery (the eat by date) if they’re still in the fridge.  Come the next Monday delivery and they’re still in the fridge, we remove them.  Same is true for a Thursday delivery.  A week out and we’ll remove it if not picked up.  So by next delivery is the recommended window.  Red sticker means, “FYI these are at or past their Eat By Date and will be removed on the next delivery”.  And at one week, meals will go bye-bye.

Can you deliver to my slice of fitness heaven?
If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area, we’d love to!  Shoot us an email if you’re interested and we’ll reach out to the owner at your place. Or if you’re an owner inquiring about your facility, fill out this quick (like 2-3 minutes quick) online form with a little more about you and we’ll reach out.

Got questions about using our order system?
Check out our order system FAQ’s and quick help videos.

Have a question not answered here?
Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.