Power Supply Paleo Meals Protein Sourcing

Given all the confusion and food labeling fuzz out there, it’s easy to get lost in the fog and often hard to understand exactly what a food maker’s really doing about sources.  So we’ve opted for plain English standards that reflect what we care about, that acknowledge the real life choices we all face, and above all that make clear what we’re doing and what we’re not. All backed up by how-to info we’re sharing so you can bone up on this stuff if interested.

Our approach, basically a two-part harmony: our Baseline or all the time standard, and a Benchmark or goal standard we’re shooting to move toward over time, always calling out when we find a way to incorporate sources like these. Here it is visually:
Power Supply Baseline & Benchmark Standards

More detail on our Baseline Standard

More detail on our Benchmark Standard

Interested in how and why we arrived at this approach?  Check out our DIY Guide to Buying Animal Proteins which shares what we’ve learned about sourcing and shows how you can apply that know-how to your personal shopping, just as we’ve applied it to the factory-to-farm food journeys we’re navigating for our families and budgets.  We hope you find it useful on your sourcing travels.

Over time, as choices evolve and access improves, we hope to become more and more Benchmark focused.  Along the way, we’ll commit to playing an open hand on our choices and sharing what we learn as we go.

If you have questions about any part of our sourcing approach, or the DIY guide, email us and we’ll get you an answer.  We love this stuff but it isn’t an exact science so consistently engaging on it will keep moving the ball forward.