High quality ingredients are the foundation of good food.  We’re committed to bringing the best real food we can find to all our meals with a focus on fresh, local and responsibly produced ingredients from great sources. Here’s more info on where we’ve dug deepest – the protein front. Produce and seafood are up next for further evolution of our standards.

Power Supply Paleo Meals Protein SourcingOur Protein Standards - Real life sourcing is our approach to finding high quality, more sustainably and humanely raised animal protein without losing your mind or the deed to your house in the process.  Because finding quality meat you can feel good about can be downright perplexing in today’s fog of food labels, expert opinions, cost questions and sustainability queries.

Power Supply Guide to Buying Animal ProteinsDIY Guide for Your Proteins - We learned all this info about sourcing, why not share it.  The DIY Guide is our growing library of resources for folks who want to learn more about navigating the source landscape in their own personal grocery shopping.