Customize 3 Ways

We get you started with fresh menus each week but for you choosers we’ve got three easy ways to tailor to your tastes:
Pick from 3 weekly menus
Sounds simple but worth noting. We offer 3 meal lines and each gets a fresh menu weekly. So the first stop on the choice train is seeing which menu speaks to you loudest when you order, or switch among them anytime with a recurring order.
Choose the meals within your menu
Once you’ve made your menu choice and placed an order (one-time or recurring), you can tailor that menu online. Swap out meals, load up, choose from other lunches or dinners within that menu no matter whether you ordered mid-day or evening meals.
Tell us what to adjust for you
Maybe there’s a specific ingredient you’re allergic to or want to avoid whenever it shows up. Choose from our beefy list of common substitution requests when you set up your order and we’ll do the adjusting for you based on whatever’s in the menu.

Option 1: Choose Your Weekly Menu

We start with multiple fresh menus you can choose from each week. Paleo, Mixitarian & Vegetarian options.View menus

Option 2: Modify Your Weekly Menu

Once you’ve ordered a menu, you can use our Mod’er to choose the specific meals you want from lunches or dinners on that menu.See the Mod'er

Option 3: Delegate the Adjusting to Us

With a recurring order you can tell us your ingredient preferences once and we’ll do the menu tailoring for you each week.Learn More