Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture Mobile Market & Power Supply

In partnership with our customers we’re hardwiring philanthropy deep into everything we do with the PS Giveback, an integrated approach to philanthropy in which 1% of our proceeds are set aside to fund the work of great non-profits in our local community. Launched in 2013, the PS Giveback supports local organizations that focus on improving access to quality food for underserved communities.

Our first two partner organizations are the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture and Microgreens. In particular, every purchase of a Power Supply meal helps fund:

  • Arcadia’s Mobile Market, a farmer’s market on wheels that distributes fresh food to low income, low food access communities in the region.
  • Microgreen’s education programs that teach students in underserved communities to shop for, prepare, and enjoy healthy foods within the confines of a government supplemented budget

Why are we giving back? We set off on this crazy journey of building Power Supply first because we wanted to help people experience the awesome life change we saw from healthy eating and moving.

We also did it to see if we could build a great organization from raw materials that are really important to us and reflect our values – like transparency, obsessive customer service, giving back and community. Jumping on board with the 1-1-1 giveback model is our start down the path of making philanthropy a core part of how we think and what we do everyday.

What’s 1-1-1 and the PS Giveback? - Pioneered by and since emulated by Google and others, the 1-1-1 philanthropy approach is a way for companies to give back to the communities they live in by donating 1% of their:

  • People – i.e. time for employees to volunteer in their communities
  • Product – free or discounted product for charitable organizationsPower Supply Paleo Meals 1% GIveback
  • Resources – most often equity which then funds grants/foundations

Companies often start with one of the “ones”, then add others as they grow.  We’ve started with Resources.  Some day we’d love that to be in the form equity that grows and continuously seeds grants.  But for getting started and creating immediate impact even as a young company, beginning with proceeds makes more sense.  So we’ve jumped in the 1-1-1 pool with this 1% fund to support local organizations moving the needle on causes we care about.

Want to get involved? If you’re a customer, you’re already participating because every purchase you make adds to the 1% pool.  That’s the beauty of 1-1-1, its core simplicity (another thing we love).  For wading in a bit further, raise your hand to become a Power Supply Ambassador.  This group of passionate folks helps us shape the program (events, volunteer outings, etc.), along with participating in other Ambassador activities like food tastings, new product testing, etc.

Whatever you’re involvement, by reading this post and learning more about 1-1-1 you’ve already helped spread the word about giving back.  Thank you.  We’re thrilled to be joined in this effort with you.