Ours is the story of folks who started eating and moving differently and saw awesome life changes as a result. But not before experiencing the brow furrowing frustration of just how time consuming, difficult and often deadly boring it can be to eat “healthy”. Particularly when you’re so unreasonably busy that the question of what’s for dinner can flat out be the last straw.

So into the row boat we went, bringing together a unique mix of backgrounds (software guys, food truck and event experts, awesome chefs and intentional food/fitness enthusiasts), to build a better way to eat really well, really easily.

For us that means great tasting food, made from the good stuff, by local chefs and artisans we admire, with lots of variety and choice, in a super simple experience.


Patrick Smith
Patrick SmithFounder
The designer and builder of the tech table under all this great food. Three-time entrepreneur, CrossFit’er, (mostly) Paleo eater, software engineer, DC startup community maven, keeper of the flame, recovering motorcycle enthusiast.
Jeff Kelley
Jeff KelleyPartner
The ops and food service innovator in our bunch. Former Army officer, food truck entrepreneur and DC community leader, events creator, master’s degrees (natural health and biz) holder, flag football speed back, active Harley owner.
Robert Morton
Robert MortonPartner
Our communicator and people person. Software exec turned intentional food/fitness advocate, sourcing nerd, lover of words, alumnus of great brands (Motley Fool, Blackboard), unabashed booster for local food community, mirth-seeker.
Josh Kriger
Josh KrigerPartner
The menu creative and new frontier guy in our midst. Foodie (not the snobby kind), Bostonian, trier of everything, project manager, traveler, events creator, yoga practitioner, champion of goatees everywhere, philanthropy mover.
Jaclyn Azia
Jaclyn AziaCommunity
Community engager, Giveback program booster, former PS Ambassador and now Ambassador program lead. Yoga practitioner, CrossFitter, trier of lots of fitness mixes, communications pro, natural born connector.
Scot Peterson
Scot PetersonCommunity
Community engager, new location relationship builder. CrossFitter (and internal double under champ at 350+ unbroken), Special Olympics coach, car geek, gear enthusiast and follower of all (literally all) sports.
Meet the Chefs

Enough about us, how about the creators?

Meet the talented local chefs crafting delicious food for Power Supply customers.

Meet the Chefs